Thursday, 19 August 2010

Patch Work: Silicon Cookware

Patch Work: Silicon Cookware: "My New Toy For the Kitchen - Silicon Cookware Huband was back from Japan trip and bought me a souvenir of Silicon Cookware!Have heard of s..."

Silicon Cookware

My New Toy For the Kitchen - Silicon Cookware

Huband was back from Japan trip and bought me a souvenir of Silicon Cookware!
Have heard of silicon cooking utensils and dining wares but have never heard of a silicon cookware for the microwave or even oven!

There were so many news about the hazardous side effect of using plactic ware in freezer and microwave due to the emission of hazardous substance under the extreme temperature condition, hence, it was kind of mixture of feeling between curious of trying out the special tool and weary of any side effect of using them when i received the present but yet i have to show my appreciation towards the gift without disappointing my dear husband...hahaha..

This is suppose to be a recent cookware gadget practice in Japan for the healthy lifestyle, but when i check online for more details, i found out that  it was actually quite common and popular in the US & Europe market since about 5 years back.

In fact it is not a rubber or plastic in nature of which it has a very good heat conductive characteristic which helps to cook the food evenly and quickly (i found this in the product description and some internet articles)

It says that this small little rubber feeling stuff can do below wonders :
- Sustain temperature of : -30 to +270 (degree celcius)
- Freezer Safe
- Oven Safe
- Microwave Safe
- Dish Washer Safe
- Direct from freezer to microwave - ok!
- minimal use of oil
- Can Steam, Bake, Boil, Stew

Above are just instruction for my gadget, below is a video link for those products in the US market (may be...)that they even have bakery cookware which can stand heat up to 350 (celcius). As usual, there are positive and negative feedback on these products in the US forum, especially on the baking wares.

Anyway, i can only comment after i start using them, but i think there should not be much of a problem for my microwave usage as most of the complain in the forum are the non-stick feature for baking cake.

Let's stay tuned for my updates after i use it. I hope this thing will not melt in my microwave or Oven....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Japanese - 直線

A Word A Day

Japanese : chokusen (ちょくせん・直線)
English     : Straight Line
Chinese    : 直线

Closest Language : Mandarin / Putunghua

Sentence :
Japanese :
kami no ue ni chokusen o kaite kudasai.

English :
Please draw a straight line on the paper.

Chinese :

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Classroom For Japanese Language

A Word A Day

Japanese : kuuki (くうき・空気)
English    : Air
Chinse    : 空气

Japanese :

English :
This place is high and the air is fresh too.

Chinese :

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Classroom For Japanese Language

A Word A Day

Japanese : doubutsu (どうぶつ・動物)
English : Animal
Chinese  : 动物

Closest Language : Mandarin / Putonghua

Sentence :
kono doubutsuen wa, doubutsu ga ooi desu.

English :
This zoo has many animal.

Chinese :

Friday, 13 August 2010

Classroom For Japanese Language

A Word A Day

Japanese : Romen Densha ろめんでんしゃ(路面電車)
English    :    Tram
Chinese  :    路面电车

Closest Language : Mandarin / Putonghua

Sentense :
Japanese :
Hong Kong tou ni romen densha ga arimasu.

English :
There is Tram in Hong Kong Island

Chinese :

My Thoughts

.....Continue from 6/Aug Post

After being a full time housewife since 2008, i slow down my pace, and i start to realize and see beautiful things around me, i can't say i change immediately but i did start to pay attention and try to keep those good memory of my experience.

In Hong Kong, a lot of things are spent with a high price but i discovered very interesting place where they sell a lot of hand craft tools and accessories at very reasonable pricing , with the influence of my Japanese mother in law whom made very beautiful hand sewn stuff, i started to be serious in patch work or hand craft.

I start to dig out my old hand craft magazines and also bought some new ones in Hong Kong, and at the same time, i start to accumulate the necessities for my new hobby.

I received a lot of surprise respond from friends and relatives whom are still busy with their own life, they can't understand the purpose behind this hobby as we all (including myself in those days) had been living in the world to do something with a rewarding result. I don't blame them for that as i am not sure as well how long i can continue with this.

I read in an article, hand craft (like patch work) can calm a person's mind and slow down their hectic pace in life, at the same time it builds a person's inner personality.

I am not starting this hobby just because of improving my own personality but it started with an interest to make something which can suits according to our needs and favorite  (as we are the one whom design and make it) without having the same things that others have. It will be a great feeling of achievement when one job is done. This is what i am looking forward to.

I have to make the 1st step to see how much i am out of the track or whether i am really suitable for what i think i can be. And i am also really eager to share with people whom is having the same interest of what Hong Kong suppliers can offer for the fans of Patch work for their needs of the accessories and tools.

From now on, i will try to upload and  share with you in this blogspot on some pictures of work done by others or myself and also some tutorial information that i come across.

I would much appreciated if you could become the follower of this blodspot and share your comments or ideas as well.